Conditional perfect in Spanish

The name of this tense in Spanish is: "Condicional compuesto".

Building of the conditional perfect

The construction is:

[SUBJECT] + ['haber' in simple conditional (habría)] + [PARTICIPLE]

Con más tiempo, habría terminado el examén
With more time, I would have finished the test

Auxiliary 'haber' in conditional tense

We remember the conjugation of the auxiliary 'haber' in the simple future tense:

Simple conditional ( condicional simple del indicativo)

yo habría --
habrías --
él habría --
nosotros habríamos --
vosotros habríais --
ellos habrían --

Showing interrogation

To construct the interrogation, change only the position of the subject:

tú habrías comenzado
you would have started
¿habrías comenzado (tú)?
would you have started?


To build the negation, add simply the adverb "no" before the verb:

yo habría dormido
I would have slept
yo no habría dormido
I would not have slept