Colors in Spanish

Spanish proverb:
"Para gustos están los colores"
"Colors were created to satisfy personal tastes"


Below, you have the list with the most used colors:

color amarilloAmarillo yellow
Añil indigo
color azulAzul blue
color azul celeste(Azul) Celeste azure
azul oscuroAzul marino dark blue
color verde azuladoAzul verdoso teal
color beigeBeige beige
color blancoBlanco white
Caoba mahogany color
Caqui khaki
Cian cyan
Color canela cinnamon color
color cremaColor crema cream color
color granateGranate garnet color
color grisGris grey
color marrónMarrón brown
color purpuraMorado purple
color naranjaNaranja orange
color negroNegro black
Rojo claro light red
Rojo oscuro dark red
color rojoRojored
color rosaRosa pink
color verdeVerde green
color purpuraVioleta violet

Hair Color

It is used different words for the color of the hair:

Hair colorMeaning
Pelirojo red hair
Pelo canoso white hair
Pelo castaño brown hair
Pelo castaño claro light brown hair
Pelo castaño oscuro dark brown hair
Pelo castaño rojizo auburn hair
Pelo gris grey hair
Pelo moreno black hair
Pelo rubio blond hair